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Sony announces Project Leonardo, a modular PS5 controller for disabled users

By Zernab Farooqi - Jan 8, 2023

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony unveiled their Mocopi system, which tracks the user's complete body and can be used in virtual reality and video games. It was also stated that a revolutionary modular controller called Project Leonardo will be developed to assist players who have disabilities.

Because its base is round and very big, the control panel may either be fixed on the wall or set down on a level surface. A player has the option of utilizing one or two Project Leonardo controllers, with or without a Dual Sense controller, depending on their preference. Therefore, it is possible to combine one, two, or even three physical controllers into a single digital controller.

Sony announces Project Leonardo, a modular PS5 controller for disabled users

Players can customize their experience with Project Leonardo by repositioning and changing buttons. It is possible to assign a great number of buttons to a single function, as well as to assign a single button to not one but two distinct purposes (e.g. if a game needs you to press R2 and L2 together).

To suit players of varied heights and hand sizes, pluggable joysticks are available in a variety of sizes. The distance between the joystick and the controller may be adjusted to suit your needs, and "north" can be made to point in any direction. Within their profiles, players have the ability to store up to three distinct configurations of the button mappings and other settings that they use.

The four auxiliary connectors on the basic Project Leonardo controller allow for even more customization choices to be added to the device, even though it already has a lot of options to choose from (based on 3.5mm jacks). You may configure them in exactly the same manner as you would any other button on the controller. During the design process for this controller, Sony collaborated with accessibility experts from communities such as Able Gamers, Special Effect, and Stack Up. Because development on Project Leonardo is still under progress, further features and information on the official release date will not be made accessible until some point in the future.

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