Specs of Upcoming Apple Mac Pro

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Oct 24, 2022

The shift of the Mac to Apple-specific silicon is almost complete. The only thing left is the Mac Pro, Apple's most powerful desktop. To comply with Apple's two-year timeframe for the changeover, a new Mac Pro with an M-series processor is anticipated to launch sometime in 2022. The Mac Pro is made for professionals who want the highest CPU performance. The system's brain is an Intel Xeon CPU, the biggest ever found in a Mac, with up to 28 cores. Massive bandwidth into and out of the processor is also provided via 64 PCI Express lanes, big L2 and shared L3 caches, and enormous L2 and L3 caches. Large amounts of memory are required to support a multi core workstation CPU. The Mac Pro supports up to 1.5TB of memory and has 12 physical DIMM slots with six ultra-fast ECC memory channels. Therefore, experts can quickly complete any task, whether working on enormous projects, analyzing vast data sets, or managing various professional applications. The Mac Pro also has a two-sided logic board, making it easier to access memory than ordinary towers.
Specs of Upcoming Apple Mac Pro


Apple has acknowledged that it is developing a Mac Pro with Apple silicon chips for the upcoming generation. Although there were reports that a smaller Mac Pro was in the works, it ended up being the Mac Studio, a different product line unveiled in March 2022. High-performance M1 Max and M1 Ultra CPUs are included in the Mac Studio, a hybrid device resembling a Mac Pro and a Mac mini. The "M2 Extreme" Apple building for the Mac Pro will be even more powerful and will likely be the M1 Ultra's successor. The M2 Extreme and M2 Ultra will be used in the following Mac Pro models. Apple clearly stated that the diminutive device is not a Mac Pro replacement at the Mac Studio presentation in March 2022. To alleviate concerns regarding the future of the Mac Pro product line, Apple Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering John Ternus even confirmed that a Mac Pro is on the way "another day." According to rumors, Apple would primarily replace the present Intel Xeon chips with Apple silicon chips in the next-generation Mac Pro, which is expected to include a few architectural modifications.
Specs of Upcoming Apple Mac Pro
The M1 Ultra in the Mac Studio is already faster than the 28W Intel Xeon CPU, so the Mac Pro should have much more significant performance improvements. We now anticipate that the Mac Pro will debut in 2023. We have a dedicated Mac Pro guide and a breakdown of what to anticipate from the Apple silicon chips intended for the Mac Pro if you'd like additional information on what to expect from a refreshed Mac Pro.

Price and Release

The cost of the upcoming Mac Pro has not been the subject of any leaks or rumors. To complete the Apple Silicon shift in the promised two years, Apple is anticipated to unveil the new Mac Pro sometime in 2022.

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