Twitter could make its Edit Tweet tool available to all users for free.

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Nov 2, 2022

Have you ever taken your time to craft a Tweet only to sadly discover a mistake after publishing it? Until now, you were compelled to delete the Tweet or accept the typo as part of your feed. In this blog post, Twitter disclosed that it is testing an "edit tweet" function that would let users alter their Tweets after they have been posted. Edited Tweets will have a label, timestamp, and icon that alerts other users to the change. Users can view the Tweet's edit history, which shows earlier iterations of the Tweet, by tapping the label. Learn more about this feature here.
Twitter could make its Edit Tweet tool available to all users for free.

Detailed Information

A restriction is attached to this feature: Tweets can only be modified within 30 minutes of publication. Twitter stated that the editing window and the modified stamp safeguard the integrity of conversations on Twitter and preserve a record of what was said that is available to the public. To include comments and address potential problems, Twitter claims to be testing the functionality with a select number of users. The feature will be available to Twitter Blue subscribers, who may anticipate the upgrade in the upcoming weeks.

What does "Edit Tweet" mean? Can I get to it straight away?

Users of Change Tweet can change any tweet after it has been posted, as the name suggests. The feature will initially be available to small Twitter Blue subscribers. Access to several upscale services is provided through Twitter Blue, the company's exclusive subscription package. The social media company announced in a blog post that members of Twitter Blue would have early access to the functionality. The test will initially be localized to a particular nation before being expanded as the business learns and monitors how users interact with "Edit Tweet."
Twitter could make its Edit Tweet tool available to all users for free.

Once This Feature is Made For Everyone, Can I Edit All of My Previous Tweets?

On Twitter, past tweets cannot be edited. A tweet can only be edited 30 minutes after it has been published. During this time, a tweet may be changed many times on the most popular social networking platform. Updated tweets will have an icon, timestamp, and label to make it clear to readers that the original message has been changed, the company's blog post states. By pressing the label, a user may see the tweet's edit history, which shows the original message. Twitter claims that the time constraint and version history are essential to provide context for altered tweets. According to Twitter, the story will "help maintain the integrity of the debate." Additionally, "creating a publicly accessible record of what was spoken" is the plan, it was stated.

Edit Feature Cost

Twitter Blue is a $4.99 per month service that grants users access to premium features exclusive to Twitter. Users can preview a tweet for a minute before it is published thanks to the "Undo Tweet" feature available to Twitter Blue subscribers. But Twitter might make editing tweets available to everyone for free.

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