The Wait is Finally Over, Apple Electric Car is Releasing Soon

By Ramsha Umer - Sep 30, 2022

Are you passionate about Apple products and electric cars at the same time? The future is now, and we have a piece of exciting news; your favorite smartphone brand is launching an electric car soon! Apple has proved to be one of the best tech companies across the world with spectacular smartphones and numerous other gadgets. It is no surprise that there are a lot of speculations and rumors before every Apple launch. The loyal users escalate the company by making it famous globally. It has high-end products that people often use as a style statement or to complement their personality by having luxurious products. Apple is renowned for dabbling in manufacturing different products distinctly from the essential ones. For instance, smartwatches, AirPods, headphones, or even power banks to back up their smartphones' battery life. After all these successful businesses, Apple decides to take a daring risk in the automobile industry. However, the company has not officially announced any update regarding the overly-hyped Apple electric car. But leaked renders have revealed many features and specifications of the project. We have gathered all the unveiled information so; you don’t have to search elsewhere. Just continue reading to answer all of your queries.
The Wait is Finally Over,  Apple Electric Car is Releasing Soon

Apple Electric Car Concept

Apple Electric Car Concept It is no secret that Apple has been working for many years on the concept of its ever-huge project of the Apple first electric car. Since the company never cease to excite its devoted fan base. So, they have not stopped their development to design an exceptional car. You can expect nothing but the best of the product (car) with sleek design from one of the most advanced tech companies. For many years, apple has been working on its secretive car project under the name of Titan.

Apple Electric Car V/S Elon’s Tesla

Ardent tech geeks are comparing the upcoming Apple electric car with Elon’s Tesla, which includes minimal support from the driver. A high technology-based car with super frequency sensors to examine the road conditions while driving is the ultimate goal for a revolutionary car design. The industry insiders spread that the longest battery life and fast electric charging would bring spectacular changes in car manufacturing. But, vague details and speculations about the Apple electric car flare up our imaginations and leave us anxiously waiting for the launch.

Would this Electric Car Launch Without Steering Wheel?

A car without a steering wheel? Is Apple the future of the automobile industry? A highly anticipated Apple car seems to be launched without a steering wheel. The rumors declare that the vehicle would need a little assistance from the driver to operate the system. There is tough competition in the car industry between the leading vehicle companies. Apple's electric car would need extraordinary features to stand out. Rumor communications reveal that the company will make the car entirely autonomous.

Apple, Hyundai, and Kia Partnership Speculations

The news of Apple reaching out to companies for the partnership was continuously circulating until the Korean car company Hyundai, disregards these rumors. According to the sources, the company says they do not have a partnership on making an autonomous car. Although, the statement has been reviewed and slightly changed twice. It’s been in the news and the talk of the town for a long time. But there isn’t any factual declaration from both of the companies.

Release Date, Availability, and Pricing

A well-concerned Apple Analyst, Ming-Chi Kou tweeted about the launch. There is not a single statement from the company. Leaked sources claim that Apple is about to release its first-ever electric car with ground-breaking specifications to leave the car industry in awe. But sadly, it doesn’t seem to be released before this year ends. Apparently, the availability would be possible in a couple of next years. Whenever Apple reveals the first glance of the electric car, only then people be certain about its price.

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