WhatsApp launches the highly awaited “Message Yourself” feature: Here’s how to use it

By Ramsha Umer - Nov 30, 2022

WhatsApp is considered the most famous meta-owned social messaging app, and more than 2 billion people in over 180 countries use it to connect with their loved ones. The user-friendly app is in the prevailing news for the latest update that WhatsApp will roll out the desired feature to message yourself. This update is welcomed with great hype in the tech industry. The company made this feature available to Android and iOS users to expand its users’ reliability. The authorities made it go through the beta trial for quite some time and then launched it for everyone. This Message Yourself feature’s public testing started last month.
WhatsApp launches the highly awaited “Message Yourself” feature: Here’s how to use it
We often need something handy when it comes to noting something as a reminder or making a grocery list. And most of us usually don't like to take handwritten notes all the time because these paper chits get lost. This Message Yourself feature upgrade is extensively appreciated among app users because it lets you have a chat of your own. It allows you to save documents, copy links, and all of that would be only seen by you, and nobody can invade your privacy. WhatsApp offers two types of accounts; one is for general users, and the other WhatsApp Business Account is designed for business purposes and to expand businesses on the app. Both the account holders, whether it's a general or business account, need some space where they can save things that no one else would have access to. Most WhatsApp users have managed earlier to have their own chat by making a group with others and then later by deleting all members and having a group as a personal chat box. But there is no need to do any hacks to save your private things on your most-used app since Message Yourself is officially launched. WhatsApp competitors like Signal and Telegram already possess this feature with different names where you can secure your data that you don't want to share with anybody or want to have in the future. In the Signal app, this feature is referred to as Note to Self. Whereas, Telegram users can have this private chat under the name of Saved Messages. It is a fact that this feature is not something extremely advanced or latest, but the hype on the launch of this feature is because of the absence of a crucial feature in the widely used application.
WhatsApp launches the highly awaited “Message Yourself” feature: Here’s how to use it

Here’s how you can avail of the Message Yourself feature

To benefit from the newly launched feature, a user needs to open the WhatsApp application on the smartphone. Then tap on Create a new chat, and by tapping, a user will see his contact card at the top of the contact list. Now he can start messaging himself just by selecting his own contact from the list. The feature is available in most WhatsApp accounts globally, and the remaining accounts will be updated shortly. The Message Yourself feature also lets you pin your chat just like other general chats, so you don't have to find your chat inbox every time among a pool of chat boxes. Moreover, as per the swirling predictions and news, there are more exciting updates to come. The meta company will likely introduce another feature where users would upload their voice notes on WhatsApp statuses

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