Xiaomi 13 becomes 3C Certified and Launches Soon

By Ramsha Umer - Oct 18, 2022

The ever-growing Xiaomi Corporation is leading toward its goal, which is to ‘make quality technology accessible to everyone. The “MI” logo of the Chinese multinational electronics company refers to ‘mobile internet and mission impossible. This ambitious task is what the tech firm is thriving to achieve through its diverse smartphones. There are leaks prevailing about the flagship Xiaomi 13. Here's all the latest news about 3C certification, charging update, its launch, and more details.

Xiaomi 13 Gets 3C Certification

Among several predictions, rumors, and authentic news, the most hyped information about the Xiaomi 13 is its 3C certification. Each tech enthusiast is eager to collect the maximum data on the topic. As for now, the 3C listing unveils the 2211133C model number of the upcoming Xiaomi 13.
Xiaomi 13 becomes 3C Certified and Launches Soon

Camera Quality Approximation

We got to know some rumors from various sources about the Xiaomi 13 cameras. The upcoming device may have triple rear cameras. It could able to capture fine pictures from its ultrawide and telephoto cameras and with an autofocus feature.

Design and Body Structure

Xiaomi tries to bring alterations to its latest smartphones. There isn't any news circulating about the official design and display but we aspire to have some innovation with the body and display of the device. Most rumors revealed that we would get an AMOLED display of 6.3-inch HD+ with 1.5k resolution. It may also have a refresh rate of 120Hz like other latest models
Xiaomi 13 becomes 3C Certified and Launches Soon

News About Battery Life

A tech geek considers 3C certification as a positive sign of elongated battery life. But unfortunately, according to the 3C listing, the flagship smartphone will arrive with a 67W charging capacity. This is one of the most swirling rumors that the charging support won’t be upgraded in the forthcoming Xiaomi smartphone. Would there be any possibility that we’ll get the flagship device without a charger? The leak renders revealed that it seems to have the same charging capacity as its predecessor 12-series. Smartphone buyers crave its enhanced and improved battery life every time as compared to the previous models. If this prediction turns into reality, it would be conceived as a drawback of the successor device.

Launch and Expected Availability

The Chinese tech-based company launched Xiaomi 12S series in its homeland in the recent past. This smartphone is made for its countrymen and certainly won’t be available in other regions. On the contrary, fortunately, Xiaomi 13 will most likely be available around the globe after its launch. There isn’t any official statement about the launch from the authorities. But industry insiders revealed that November and December are the months when Xiaomi 13 launch is expected in China. For others, both smartphones (Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro) would hopefully be available at the start of the coming year of 2023.

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