Xiaomi Buds 4 and MIUI 14 are the best upgrades

By Mahnoor Mushtaq - Nov 29, 2022

Finally, a poster for the Xiaomi 13 series and the MIUI 14 version was officially released by Xiaomi. The billboard indicates that the Xiaomi 13 series will appear on December 1st, but it won't be the only one; according to our rejection, the new series will also debut with the legendary MIUI 14. However, the data still needs to be summarised! Additional Xiaomi projects will certainly be displayed at the launch conference. The Xiaomi Watch S2 and the Buds 4 gadgets were scheduled for release. Notably, the teaser poster also has branded with the Leica logo.
Xiaomi Buds 4 and MIUI 14 are the best upgrades

MIUI 14 Features to Expect

We discovered that the development of MIUI 14 began six months ago. Since then, we have also noted that a new design language is being developed. Voice recorder, clock, calculator, and compass applications have all undergone redesigns. The finest visual experience will be provided by the next MIUI version. It will also incorporate functional elements. What should we anticipate from MIUI 14 as Xiaomi? The wonderful features that we have been anticipating have been combined.

MIUI 14 has fewer system applications.

Users didn't want many of the system apps. Previous MIUI versions decreased the number of system applications. With MIUI 14, the number of these system applications will be reduced to 8. the details are included in Mi Code. Now, it's possible to remove Gallery and related programs. Useless apps are not required. This has to be among MIUI's best features.

Improved Optimization

At the time of Android 13's introduction, Google stressed that the operating system is more dependable, quick, and fluid. These Android 13 stability enhancements will directly impact MIUI 14. An OS with bugs is known as MIUI. Like every version, MIUI 14 for Android 13 will be released to address known problems. Xiaomi will give users the finest MIUI experience possible as per user requests. Within a month, users will begin receiving the new MIUI 14 update.
Xiaomi Buds 4 and MIUI 14 are the best upgrades

Pro Redmi Buds

By the way, Redmi's yearly flagship TWS headset is the Buds 4 Pro. Its depth of noise reduction is now 43dB. A dual-transparency mode is supported. Additionally, it may let users make calls while filtering outside noise in the vocal enhancement mode. Additionally supported by the Redmi Buds 4 Pro is a sophisticated anti-wind noise mode. A wind-proof metal mesh made for hardware can significantly limit the wind's energy before it reaches the microphone. The current best wind noise reduction structure is this one. The ambient wind noise can be automatically recognized within 3s and immediately offset when used in conjunction with the wind noise reduction technique. Additionally, our protagonist supports LC3 encoding and the most recent Bluetooth 5.3 protocol. It works well with the Redmi Note 11T Pro Plus and Redmi K50 & K50 Pro. The new earphones include a coaxial double-moving coil unit to improve sound quality. The latter comprises a 6mm titanium diaphragm treble moving coil and a 10mm aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm large moving coil. They significantly widen the frequency response range overall, improving treble clarity. It's important to note that the Redmi headset now offers virtual surround sound for the first time. It uses Xiaomi Audio Lab's custom algorithm. Xiaomi claims that its HRTF feature replicates sound originating from all angles, independent of the source or device model. Additionally, a single charge of the Redmi Buds 4 Pro may power them for up to 9 hours. Its endurance will increase to 36 hours with the charging case. It supports practical features like MIUI's quick-connect pop-up window and dual-device smart connectivity. The earphones also feature an IP54 degree of waterproofing. Redmi Buds 4 Pro is priced at 399 yuan ($60).

The Vanilla Version

The Airdots 3 Pro's elegant design is carried over to the Redmi Buds 4. The Buds 4's addition of clever active noise suppression is the most noticeable change between it and the previous version. Active noise reduction of 35 dB is supported in the base version. There are three variations of the latter: light, balanced, and deep. Additionally, it has dual transparent noise reduction and two adaptive noise reduction modes.

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