Apple iPhone 15 Ultra: More Exciting Specs Revealed

By Ramsha Umer - Oct 12, 2022

Apple’s iPhone has become an everlasting obsession among the young lot. The company is one of the top-leading tech companies producing revolutionary products every year. Not even a month passes after the release and discussions flare up for the upcoming Apple product. Similarly, soon after iPhone 14 and 14 Pro launch, the rumor mill started churning up for the flagship smartphones. There are plenty of whispers about Apple’s new flagship iPhone 15 Ultra in the tech industry. This smartphone is considered to be a phone of the future with its innovative features. It seems that iPhone 15 ultra would be an exceptional addition to the apple family. With all the rumor communications, it is quite evident that the latest flagship will not be only an extension of previous models.

We’ve gathered all the news, rumors, predictions, and leaks from various sources for you to have a precise idea about iPhone 15 Ultra.

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra: More Exciting Specs Revealed

Second Selfie Camera

Industry insiders have leaked the news that iPhone 15 Ultra would be drastically elevated from iPhone 14 pro max in terms of specifications. A famous Apple analyst leaked that we will have the new flagship with two selfie cameras to capture shaper and wider angles from the front cameras. The picture quality will elevate with two advanced technology cameras. The pixels and resolutions remain unannounced through the original website. Although, swirling rumors share that it would be able to capture ultra wide-angle pictures and videos.

Another rumor about iPhone ultra back cameras circulates that it would be a periscope zoom lens with 5-6x optical zoom.

Moreover, it is also in the hyped news that iPhone Ultra will support 8K video quality. Through that one does not have to suffer from dull or low-resolution videos.

Commendable Storage and USB-C

We may see the iPhone 15 Ultra with an exceptional chipset named as Qualcomm to enhance the sensor feature and performance of the overall smartphone. The insiders leaked protected news about iPhone 15 Ultra storage. The smartphone will arrive with 256GB storage while supporting USB-C with Thunderbolt 4 speeds. According to a new law by the European Union, smartphones would only be allowed to use USB-C plugs in near future. It is more likely to be implemented in 2024. Apple being the leading company will potentially follow the guidelines and smartphones might drop lightning. Also, Gurman revealed that Apple is working on and testing the new USB-C for upcoming smartphones.

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra: More Exciting Specs Revealed

Name Shuffling: From Pro Max to Ultra

From leaked renders it is unveiled that Apple will shift the name of the Pro Max series to Ultra in reference to its luxurious Apple Watch Ultra. They also shed some light that the Ultra series would have more noticeable differences and advanced features than the standard ones. This shuffle is to raise the sales scale with modified features. So consequently, the flagship model can supersede its competitors' smartphones. Once it is available in the market, we would do a detailed review of whether the claims are justified.

Elongated Battery Hours

Long battery life is a debatable topic when it comes to Apple products. But it is admirable that the company is taking major steps to overcome this shortcoming. One can look at the extended battery life of this year’s iPhone. From many rumors, we got to know that battery life would stay up all day with video recording and full brightness. We may have iPhone 15 Ultra with wireless and fastest charging next year.

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra: More Exciting Specs Revealed

Availability, Launch, and Price

A high-end supreme quality smartphone with exciting specifications might be available at a sum of $1400 US dollars. According to predictions, iPhone 15 Ultra will be launched in the fall of next year. Speculations are circulating that Apple will not arrange any event to launch its flagship devices in the future and rather release it on its official website. The price and availability would be certain after the confirmation from authentic sources.

Further News and Speculations About iPhone 15 Ultra

  • A renowned analyst Mark Gurman unveils in his latest newsletter that Apple will not include Touch ID Back in flagships smartphone. Possibly, they will add a side Touch ID button implanted within the power button.
  • Gurman also shared that it will include a sleep-tracking feature but didn’t provide detailed information about the aspect.
  • The new flagship smartphone will also have Dynamic Island with notable modifications.
  • Industry insiders revealed that more improved safety features would be included in the latest iPhone 15 Ultra.
  • iPhone 15 Ultra will also come with an Always-on display like its predecessor iPhone 14 and 14 pro max.
  • The design and body are yet to be unveiled but leaked renders have some insight. They claimed that it would complement the previous models with a 6.1 to 6.7 inches screen and ceramic shield and Corning Gorilla Glass.

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