Based on Leaked Images Google Pixel Fold Renders Show Surprisingly a Thin Phone

By Zernab Farooqi - Nov 16, 2022

The rumors about Google's folding smartphone have been circulating for so long that, despite the fact that the company hasn't confirmed it, we have a good idea of what it will do. The Pixel Fold will be bigger than Samsung's current model and will also have wider bezels, according to fresh renderings published by Front Page Tech, a well-known YouTube site that has proved reliable with leaks on multiple occasions.

On the basis of what they observed, Front Page Tech's anonymous sources created some remarkably realistic renderings that gave readers a sneak peek at what's to come. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is my obsession, and the renderings suggest a bigger phone. But even months after I started using it, I still think that Samsung's phone is too narrow to text on while it's closed. It is challenging to tap the front screen when a protective cover is present and you have long nails. A wider smartphone might solve this problem, and the Pixel Fold seems to be wide.

Based on Leaked Images Google Pixel Fold Renders Show Surprisingly a Thin Phone

When the smartphone is folded up, its front resembles the Pixel 7. The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 has a huge, protruding camera bar on the rear, which is not good for that specific foldable. The camera lenses on the Z Fold 4 are, at least, not arranged in an unusual way. The "tablet" becomes uneven since there isn't a cover to keep the back flat while lying down.

The Pixel Fold is allegedly known as "Project Passport," according to sources who spoke to Front Page Tech. it won't include an internal camera hidden behind the display, unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and will be marketed as a high-end device. It's going to feature a bezel around the edges to hold a 9.5-megapixel camera. The bezel could be worth living with if it offers high-definition video calling with an internal camera. The Z Fold 4's much lower-res video scenario is starting to annoy me.

Although they were re-created to assist protect the identities of its sources, Front Page Tech is "confident" in its renders. When it finally launches, the Pixel Fold may have a drastically different appearance. However, given that Front Page Tech came quite close to nailing the Pixel Watch design, it's difficult not to get excited about the renderings. The pricing is also accurate, which is unfortunate. Given that Samsung's Z Fold costs the same as the beginning price of the Pixel Fold, $1800 sounds reasonable. Additionally, it indicates that an inexpensive foldable is still fairly far off.


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