OnePlus Unveils Nord Watch’s First Glance

By Ramsha Umer - Sep 24, 2022

Do you have an immense longing for exceptional quality smartwatches? But always feel reluctant to pay a huge amount of money on luxurious brands. If YES, than you must be always in search of budget-friendly admirable smartwatches. We did all the legwork to seek out this confusion and bring an amazing alternative.

Significant & Authentic Specifications

OnePlus provides a sneak peek of Nord Watch with a striking tagline of Get Moving. The company presents the first glance of the watch after mid of September 2022. They reveal that the Nord watch comes with a display size of AMOLED (1.78’’) 45.2 mm and its resolution would be 368*448 pixels. The smartwatch is designed with 500 nits’ Brightness to make it visible and easy to use in the sunlight. The Refresh Rate of the watch is 60 Hz. OnePlus, for the first time includes 100+ Online Watch Faces in the smartwatch. It allows you to choose whatever complements your personality and suits your attire.

OnePlus Unveils Nord Watch’s First Glance

Fitness-Centered Smartwatch

This smart wearable is capable to monitor heart rate, tracking your sleep cycle, and measuring blood oxygen level. It can also detect your stress levels, daily steps, and burnt calories to provide insight into your mental and physical health. There are up to 105 Fitness Modes to motivate a balanced healthy lifestyle. An appreciable step taken by the company is to add Women Health Feature to cater to the specific health concerns of the female body. The presence of fitness modes in smartwatches has become an essential specification to captivate the maximum attention of fitness geeks in the marketplace.

First Look at the Nord Watch

From the leaked smartwatch images, we got to know that it has a side embossed crown button. Rumors have unveiled online that it’s soon to be available in eye-catching black and blue colors. Along with the news that the straps of the watch are made of silicon to have a strong grip on the wrist.

OnePlus Unveils Nord Watch’s First Glance

Commendable Battery Life of Smartwatch

A long-lasting battery that stays for 10 days is another commendable feature of the Nord watch with a standby time of 30 days. Another rumor about the product is that it has Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity with Android and iOS compatibility.

Pictures portray that the smartwatch is capable of adding charm to your persona. The great attention to detail can be noticed in the announced features. To date, complete specifications aren’t publicized but smartwatch lovers have indeed high hopes. Hence this isn’t an exaggeration that the Nord watch could be a flawless purchase for a passionate user. One should not delay having a praiseworthy wearable.

Nord Watch Price & Availability

OnePlus reveals one new feature every other day after the initial appearance of the Nord watches to boost its mystery. Consequently, there is a lot of rumor communication about the product. Smartwatch users are excited for the authentic launch date to get their hands on the smart wearable. The OnePlus Nord watch launch date remains veiled to be officially announced yet renders claim that it might be available in the coming two months. Sources also have spread that the expected price would be around 200$ to 250$. They might not increase the price more than that to let it compete in the market with budget-friendly prices. The leak suggests that this modest pricing would become the reason for its splendid fame. The Nord watch would be available after its official launch from OnePlus’ original website and other reputable online platforms like Amazon or Alibaba.


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