Samsung Galaxy S24 FE is in Works Confirmed by UK Carrier

By Zernab Farooqi - Apr 28, 2024

According to EE’s database, the Samsung Galaxy S24 FE, model number SM-7210U, may launch in the UK.


  • In UK carrier EE’s database, the model number SM-7210U of Samsung Galaxy S24 FE has been spotted.
  • This means that the phone may launch in the United Kingdom within a few years.
  • However, there’s no clear evidence of the phone’s launch date and specifications.

Because of its lower price range, Samsung has introduced an “FE” version of its Flagship S series, which makes numerous flagship features available to a larger audience. Well, we’ve seen that lately in the last year Galaxy S23 FE was launched, but, Galaxy S24 series has been out for a while. Therefore, this is the right time for us to learn more about the next variant of FE in the form of Galaxy S24 FE.

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE is in Works Confirmed by UK Carrier

Once again, Galaxy S4 FE has been discovered by RootMyGalaxy this time in the UK carrier EE database. The Galaxy S24 FE seems to be available under the model number SM-S7210U, most likely for the carrier-sold variant.

The rumors about Galaxy S24 FE have been gradually rising up. So, the latest finding confirms that this FE device is actually in the works. Given that the phone was discovered in the EE’s database, it would be fair enough to assume that the phone will release in the UK at least.

As we’ve received contradicting information regarding the launch date of the phone, the Galaxy S24 FE could release either in summer 2024, or in late 2024 or early 2025, depending on whatever rumor you believe.

The most reasonable release date for the device would be summer 2024, which would be between June and August. On the other hand, a later release would position the phone extremely near to the Galaxy S25 series, possibly leading to pricing overlap and repeating some of the similar mistakes experienced by Samsung with the Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S22 series launch dates.

So, at last, all we can do is to just wait to find out more details regarding the launch date and specs of the Galaxy S24 FE.


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